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Adding notes to a questionnaire
You can add notes to a questionnaire to record information that you do not want to appear in the finished questionnaire. For example, you could add a note to indicate that one of the questions is only a draft and further information is required to complete it.
The text of individual notes appears in the Design pane in the order in which the note appears in the routing.
To add a note
1 Select the Routings pane.
2 Select the question or item after which you want to place the note.
3 On the Insert menu, click Routing Item > Note, or press Alt+I, R, N.
4 A new note is created, with a default name. If required, select the name and change it to a more meaningful one.
5 (Optional.) In the Description field, type a description for the note. When printing draft paper surveys in UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper, this description is included. Descriptions are not included in the actual paper survey.
6 Type the text of the note in the description field.
7 To create additional notes, repeat these steps. Each note is created with a unique name.
To delete a note
1 Select the note in the Routings pane.
2 Press Delete, or click the Delete toolbar button 0.
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