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Adding factors to responses
You can add factors to each response in a single or multiple response question (including grid questions). A factor is a constant numerical value that can be used when the questionnaire results are analyzed in other applications, for example, UNICOM Intelligence Reporter or Survey Tabulation.
To add factors
1 Select the question to which you want to attach the factors.
2 Choose the Design pane.
3 If the Factor field is not displayed, click the Field Chooser icon, and then click Factor.
4 In the Factor field, enter a factor for each response. Factors are typically numeric, and can be either whole numbers or decimals. However, you can also define factors as string values.
Factor format rules
The application converts factor values as follows:
Convert numeric character to a long, if the value allows it.
Convert decimal and numeric character to a double, if the value allows it.
Convert non-numeric characters to a string. If the string value is a double-quoted numeric, type ("123" or "123.4"), the value is saved without the quotes.
Examples of factor formats
Entered value
Created factor
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