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Go To routing item
Use the Go To routing item to add a jump to a question other than the next one in the routing.
To add a Go To routing item
1 In the Routings pane, select the question after which you want to add a Go To item.
2 Click Insert > Routing Item > Go To, or press Alt+I, R, G.
3 The item has an automatically generated name. You change it if required. This is useful if you add several Go To items to your questionnaire.
The Description field enables you to type a description for the routing item, if desired. When printing draft paper surveys in UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper, this description is included. Descriptions are not included in the actual paper survey.
4 Select the question that you want to jump to from the list.
To change the destination of a Go To item
If you add a Go To item before creating any questions, or you want to change the destination after adding the item, you can do this in the Properties pane.
1 Select the Go To item in the Routings pane.
2 In the Properties pane, select the question that you want to use as the new destination from the Go To list.
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