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Changing the layout of the window
By default, the window layout is locked to prevent accidental changes; to move panes or toolbars, you need to unlock it. You can resize panes and hide them without unlocking the window layout.
Resizing panes
Drag the dividing line between panes.
Hiding a pane or toolbar
Do one of the following:
Click View > Toolbars, and then clear the pane or toolbar you want to hide.
With the pane at the front of the window, or with the toolbar in a floating location, click the Close button on the pane.
Displaying a hidden pane or toolbar
1 Click View > Toolbars.
A list of the panes or toolbars available appears. Items that are displayed are indicated by a checkmark.
2 Click the items that you want to display.
Unlocking the layout
1 Click Tools > Options.
2 On the General tab, click Allow docking and undocking of window panes, and then click OK.
You might want to lock the layout again after you have finished changing it.
Moving panes
Click the title bar of the pane, and then drag it to the new location.
Moving a toolbar
Click the left edge of the toolbar, and then drag it to the new location.
You can leave the toolbar floating on top of the window, or drag it to the top, side or bottom of the window, and then drop it to dock it in position.
Reverting to the default layout
Click View > Restore Default Layout.
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