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Using drawing objects as character fields
1 Open a Look to modify.
2 From the Word Drawing toolbar, click AutoShapes > Basic Shapes.
3 Click the shape that you want to use, and then in the Look table cell, click where you want the shape to appear.
4 Drag the shape to the required size.
5 Right-click the shape, and then click Format AutoShape.
6 On the Layout tab, select Other for Horizontal Alignment.
7 Click the Advanced button. On the Picture Position tab, set the Horizontal alignment relative to the Column.
8 Make sure that the Vertical alignment is set to Absolute position below Paragraph.
9 Click OK to close the Advanced dialog, and then click OK to close the Format AutoShape dialog.
10 Highlight the shape and do one of the following:
If it is a numeric or open-ended Look, apply the mr Question Answer identification character style.
If it is a numeric grid Look, apply the mr Numeric Grid Answer identification character style.
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