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Questions about the DMOM object model
I am confused about the Value and ValueObj properties on the Response object. Can you explain what is the difference between them and what they should be used for?
The Value property returns the value contained in the ValueObj. For example, Response.Value is the same as Response.ValueObj.Value.
The Response.Value property is provided as shorthand, so that the default property of the Response object is the value. The Response.ValueObj property is provided so that it is possible to replace the entire value object for the Response object.
I am confused about why the Question.Response property is read-only, because the examples show setting this property programmatically in the OnNextCase Event section.
It is true that the Question.Response property is read-only. However, if your OnNextCase Event section uses code similar to the following, you are in fact assigning a value to the default property of the Response object, which is Response.Value.
MyQuestion.Response = {Dont_know}
Can I use a numeric index when accessing the OutputDataSources.Item on the Job object, and if so, is it zero-based?
The answer to both of these questions is yes.
What is the difference between the LogScript and LogScript_2 methods on the Log object?
These methods are identical except that the LogScript method has an additional ID parameter.
Does the DMOM Object Model support HDATA?
Yes, as of the 5.6 release.
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