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UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer: Advanced Configuration
Use the Advanced tab to use server-based synchronization.
Running user
(Optional.) The ID of the Windows user, under which UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer will be running, who has access to all data. When blank, the current logged in Windows ID is used.
For the most secure environment, this user ID should different from the interviewer's Windows login ID.
The Windows domain for the running user. When blank, the local computer name is used.
The running user's password. Required when a running user is specified for a defined cluster.
Defined clusters
Allows you to add, edit, and remove the UNICOM Intelligence - Remote Admin server clusters that will be used for synchronization. For more information, see Add Cluster Options.
Removing a server cluster definition does not immediately remove the definition from theSiteInfo.xml files.
Encrypt local data
Specifies that the data directory is encrypted using the Running User's ID and password. By default, this is selected to ensure data encryption.
Backup the private key that is used for encryption. For more information, see the Microsoft article “How to back up the recovery agent Encrypting File System (EFS) private key in Windows”.
Synchronization interval
Specifies the number of seconds between the automatic server synchronization of project files. By default, this is set to 14400 seconds. The possible range is between 60 and 86400 seconds.
The synchronization interval is a global configuration option. The setting applies to all defined server clusters.
Login required
Display a login dialog when a user starts UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer. By default, this is not selected when a server is not specified in the Primary URL field. When a server is added to the Primary URL, this selection is enabled. Logins are required for authentication to the synchronization server.
Configuration output
Read-only: The location where the configuration file will be saved.
Auto advance
Applies when entering data in Data Entry Player and specifies to automatically advance to the next question when the maximum response length is reached for the current question.
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