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Using the Configuration wizard
If you have not yet configured UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer, or you do not have a configuration file specifying the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Remote Admin Server, or a configuration file from a previous release is currently in place, the Configuration Wizard opens when you start UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer or UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Synchronization Console. If you do not have a primary URL specified when UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Synchronization Console starts, you must run the Configuration Wizard to configure one.
To start the Configuration wizard manually
1 In Windows Explorer, go to the following folder:
2 Double-click ConfigWizard.exe.
3 A Select Default Cluster dialog might appear, telling you that the current configuration file is out of date. This is the result of a legacy configuration migration. Select the cluster name to which synchronized projects will be assigned, and then click OK.
Configuration wizard interface
The Configuration Wizard provides two methods for configuring UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer:
UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer: Basic configuration: View and modify defaults for simple options. This method is recommended for data entry users who will not employ synchronization.
UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer: Advanced Configuration: Specifies the UNICOM Intelligence - Remote Admin server clusters used for synchronization, as well as other connection settings.
Add Cluster Options
Configuration wizard