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8. Mastering mrScriptMetadata
7. Learning about weighting uses a line of mrScriptMetadata to create a numeric variable in the output data source to hold the weighting information. The mrScriptMetadata was in the Metadata section (see Metadata section), which is an optional section in a DMS file for creating new questions and variables. Typically, you use this to create filters and other derived variables for use during analysis. However, the DMS file does not limit the type of metadata that you can create. You define the metadata by using mrScriptMetadata.
1 Read mrScriptMetadata User's Guide. These give you an introduction to mrScriptMetadata and describe how you can open an mrScriptMetadata file in Metadata Model Explorer.
2 Read mrScript MDSC. mrScript MDSC can convert an mrScriptMetadata file into an MDM Document and an MDM Document into an mrScriptMetadata file.
3 The UNICOM Intelligence Developer Documentation Library comes with some Sample mrScriptMetadata files. Follow the instructions in the User’s Guide to open these files in MDM Explorer.
4 Creating some mrScriptMetadata files of your own and opening them in MDM Explorer. For example, you could try to recreate some of the questions in some of the sample .mdd files. For more information, see Sample data.
5 Open the sample .mdd files in MDM Explorer to see an mrScriptMetadata representation of the various metadata objects. See Working with mrScriptMetadata in MDM Explorer.
While you are doing this, see mrScriptMetadata reference for more information.
6 Before you start writing mrScriptMetadata code in your DMS files, see Creating new variables.
9. Getting to know the samples
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