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Numeric and text subquestions
The HTML code for a numeric or text subquestion is the same as for a categorical question except that the <input> statement for a row containing input boxes rather than radio buttons or check boxes is:
<input type="text" name="CellID" class="mrEdit" autocomplete="off" style="" maxlength="Length" value=""/>
CellID is the unique name for the current grid cell. UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server creates this as _Qloopname_Qloopcat_Qqname, where loopname is the name of the main loop (grid) question, loopcat is the current item in the loop control list (the current column), and qname is the name of the repeated question.
Length is the maximum number of digits or characters that can be entered in the input box.
For example, if the grid is defined as:
CupsPerDay "How many cups of tea and other beverages do you
normally drink on ..." loop
Weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays
} fields
Tea "Tea" long [0..99];
NonTea "Other Beverages" long [0..99];
) expand grid;
the cell for cups of tea on weekdays will become:
<input type="text" name="_QCupsPerDay_QWeekdays_QTea" class="mrEdit" autocomplete="off" style="" maxlength="2" value=""/>
After a snapback or restart, any answers that were entered in the original portion of the interview will have the respondent's answer set in the value="" attribute and will appear when the question is displayed. See Numeric and date/time responses and Text responses for details.
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