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Default question template
Question templates determine the appearance of questions and their responses on an interview page. The following default question template is used if no custom question template is defined in the interview script.
  <mrDataQuestion Element='Error'/>
  <mrDataQuestion Element='Banner'/>
  <mrDataQuestion Element='Label'/>
  <mrDataQuestion Element='Controls'/>
The MRData tags specify the position of the question and responses texts on the page. During interviews, HTML code is placed around the texts to determine how those texts appear on the page. For example, for categorical responses, code is inserted to display a radio button or check box for each response, whereas for text responses an input box is displayed instead.
The general code for any question is as follows:
<span class="mrQuestionText" style="">QuestionText</span>
<span class="mrQuestionText" style="">QuestionText</span>
<div style="margin-left: 2em"> <div></div>
  <span style="display: inline-block;">
    <table summary="" class="mrQuestionTable" style="">
      Response controls
QuestionText is the question text.
Response controls are one or more row specifications that lay out the response controls according to the response type.
Response controls
Categorical responses
Drop-down lists and list boxes
Text responses
Numeric and date/time responses
Boolean responses
No Answer, Don't Know, and Refusals
Other Specify responses
Responses to questions in grids
More than one question on a page
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