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More than one question on a page
You can display more than one question on a page: see Displaying a list of questions on the same page, Question blocks, or Printing categorical items side by side in the metadata section of the questionnaire.
Questions defined using page or block are displayed as simple concatenations of the HTML code for each question in the page or block. In other words, the HTML code for the first question in the page or block is followed by the HTML code for the second question, and so on. There is no attempt to use a common naming scheme for the questions' components.
Compound questions are different in that the compound item is a question in its own right, in a similar way to grids that contain more than one question. Therefore, a common naming scheme is used for all the response cells in the compound item. The naming convention is _Q@DynamicPage_Qcompname_Qqname_Ccatname, where compname is the name of the compound item, qname is the name of the question in the compound item, and catname is the name of the current category in the compound item.
Compound items use the same formatting as grids, so if the compound item is defined as:
CommMethodList define
FocusGroups "Focus groups",
Newsletter "Internal newsletters",
Website "Company web site",
Email "Email",
MyManager "My manager",
DeptManager "Department head",
OtherCommMethod "Other"
CommMethods "How do you find out what is going on in the company?"
{use CommMethodList} fields
MainMethod "Main method" categorical [1..1];
OtherMethods "Other methods" categorical [1..1];
PrefMethod "Preferred method" categorical [0..];
the HTML code for the Email row will be:
<td class="mrGridCategoryText" style="">
<span class="mrQuestionText" style="">Email</span>
<td style="">
<input type="radio" name="_Q@DynamicPage_QCommMethods_QMainMethod_C" class="mrSingle" style="margin-left: 1em;" value="Email">
<td style="">
<input type="radio" name="_Q@DynamicPage_QCommMethods_QOtherMethods_C" class="mrSingle" style="margin-left: 4em;" value="Email">
<td style="">
<input type="checkbox" name="_Q@DynamicPage_QCommMethods_QPrefMethod_CEmail" class="mrMultiple" style="margin-left: 4em;" value=
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