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Participant Information pane
The Participant Information pane provides an alternative view of the information that is presented for an individual Case List row. When a case is highlighted in the Case List, the Participant Information pane vertically presents its display field information. For example, the first (left-most) display field in the Case List is the same as the first (top-most) row in the Project Information pane.
Changing the Case List column order does not change the Participant Information pane row order. The Project Information pane only lists the display field information in the order in which the display fields were originally activated. For more information, see Configuring Interviewer Console views.
The pane provides details on when the project was last updated. The information includes:
the last data entry user who performed initial entry on the case
the last user who performed partial verification on the case (if applicable)
the last user who performed full verification on the case (if applicable).
The pane also displays the case’s icon to indicate whether the case has, or has not yet, completed entry.
To hide or show the Participant Information pane in the Interviewer Console, see Configuring Interviewer Console views.
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