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Interviewer Console window
The Interviewer Console window enables you to manage all of the interviews for a selected project. Information for each interview is displayed in a sortable case list and additional details for each interview can be viewed on demand.
Interviewer Console interface
The Interviewer Console window comprises these areas:
Case List
Case List filter
Quota Viewer
Participant Information pane
Interviewer Console toolbar and menu options
The Interviewer Console also displays:
the cluster server name and the name of the logged in operator (at the top of the window)
the active project, if opened from the Project List (at the top of the window)
the entry status (at the bottom of the window). Information is provided for: Initial Entries Completed, Initial Entries Suspended, Verification Completed, and Verifications Suspended.
The entry status numbers are a snapshot of the current case status and do not represent cumulative counts.
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