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Removing a batch
Batching is a feature that can only be used with a Data Entry project, or the Data Entry portion of a multi-modal project.
Interviewer Console allows you to remove batches manually or through the deployment of the batch to another operator.
Manual batch removal
You can manually remove a batch only if:
the batch is active in the Interviewer Console window, and
all cases have been deleted or moved into a Deployment Package.
For more information, see Deleting cases.
To manually remove an active project
Click Workflow > Remove Batch, or press Alt+W.
You cannot delete a batch by highlighting it and pressing Delete.
Batch removal through deployment
When a batch is selected for deployment to another operator, the batch (and its cases) are removed from view in Interviewer Console once the Deployment Package File (.dpz) is saved. For more information, see Creating a data package for deployment.
Batching for data entry