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Batching for data entry
Batching is a feature that can only be used with a Data Entry project, or the Data Entry portion of a multi-modal project.
Batching is a common practice among operations that process paper documents, especially for those who collect data from documents. A batch is a bundle of physical documents that are grouped together and keyed as data. A project can be split into multiple batches, that are keyed concurrently and shared among operators, to help expedite the keying process.
In some operations, an entire project can be treated as one batch, especially if all documents are received at once and/or there are limited number of operators to perform data entry. In other operations, a project might have a large volume of documents to key. To facilitate keying among several operators, batching can help divide the workload.
Batching is especially useful for projects that have one or more of the following characteristics:
multiple operators available to enter data
a large number of documents from which to enter data
interim deadlines where partial data files are required
a need for tracking groups of documents prior to data analysis, such as by date, specific sample group, or document version.
UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer enables you to organize your data entry work into batches. If you do not want to split work into multiple batches, UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer enables you to establish one batch that includes all project cases.
Creating batches
Viewing batch properties
Changing the active batch
Removing a batch
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