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Adding new library items
To add a new library item, save your NewItem.mdd or NewItem Wizard.mdd file to the section directory or to a subdirectory that provides a logical Library structure. “Wizard” is typically used in the library item name to help users who use accessibility technologies to identify that a wizard will be run when the item is selected. Save associated files in the NewItem.mdd_files (or NewItem Wizard.mdd) subdirectory, and reference them only from that directory. When a wizard is associated with the library item, it can be saved in the NewItem.mdd_files subdirectory or in the QWzd subdirectory. For more information, see Creating questionnaire wizards for UNICOM Intelligence Author and Creating wizards for UNICOM Intelligence Reporter.
Create a NewItem.dcprop (or NewItem Wizard.dcprop) file to describe the NewItem.mdd and save any files required by the .dcprop into the NewItem.gallery_Files directory.
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