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Adding scripts
You can insert scripts into a questionnaire, so that you can create more complex instructions than are possible using the features in the UNICOM Intelligence Author user interface.
You can write script items by using the Interview Scripting Language: see Interview scripting. Some predefined script items are included in the Library: see Adding script items from the library.
You can enable respondents to return to a previous question in the questionnaire by selecting the name from a list and clicking a Go To button. To do this, add this script before the first question on which you want the button to appear:
The button then appears on all subsequent pages of the questionnaire.
To insert a script
1 Select the Routings pane.
2 Select the question after which you want to insert the script.
3 Click Insert > Routing Item > Script Item, or press Alt+I, R, S.
4 A script item is created with a default name. You can change this if required.
5 (Optional.) Type a description for the script. When printing draft paper surveys in UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper, this description is included. Descriptions are not included in the actual paper survey.
6 Type the script in the field indicated, or paste in the script from another file.
7 Add comments to your scripts to explain what the script does, for future reference. At the start of each comment line, put a single quote:
' Add a navigation button
' to each question
8 To create additional script items, repeat these steps. Each script item is given a unique name.
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