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UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer: Basic configuration
The Basic tab offers quick configuration for users who will not use server-based synchronization.
Show login when UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer opens
Forces users to login when UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer is opened. Logging in is:
required when a user’s computer is connected to one or more synchronization servers. For more information, see UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer: Advanced Configuration.
recommended for manual data entry users who want to verify entered data using multiple operators. Logging in ensures that initial and verification keying is performed by different logged in users.
recommended for users who write scripts to output reports on operator performance.
Encrypt local data
Enables UNICOM Intelligence to encrypt all user-created data on the computer where configuration occurs. It is highly recommended that you encrypt data.
When using the Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system, the Encrypt local data option requires the Professional or Enterprise editions. Microsoft Windows 8.1 Basic does not support the encryption of local data.
It is recommended that you backup the private key that is used for encryption. For more information, see the Microsoft article “How to back up the recovery agent Encrypting File System (EFS) private key in Windows”:
Auto advance to next question
Enables automatic advancement to the next question when entering data in Data Entry Player. Automatic advancement to the next question occurs when the maximum response length is reached for the current question. With automatic advancement enabled, you can still manually advance to the next question by pressing Enter or clicking Next.
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