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Sections in the DMS file
The DMS file consists of several sections, which can appear in any order and are defined as follows:
section_name (parameter, parameter, ... )
END section_name
This must be a recognized section name: see Section names.
Parameter of type Text. The parameters vary depending on the section type. For more information, see the documentation on each section.
For most section types there are two parameters: the first defines a name; the second is an optional parameter that defines a description.
The Metadata section takes four parameters that define the default language, user context, label type, and the data source to which the section applies, respectively.
For the Event section the first parameter defines when the section is to be executed.
Section names
The recognized section names are:
Optional section that defines the job name and job description. The Job section is designed for supporting the job's global parameters. Currently, TempDirectory is the only identified parameter. See Job section.
Required section that defines an input data source for the data transformation. There must be one (and only one) InputDataSource section in a DMS file. See InputDataSource section.
Required section that defines an output data source for the data transformation. There must be at least one OutputDataSource section in a DMS file. See OutputDataSource section.
Optional section that defines global SQL variables, which enable you to exchange information between data sources. See GlobalSQLVariables section.
Optional section that is used to define new questions and variables in the metadata using mrScriptMetadata. See Metadata section.
Optional section that defines the parameters for the Logging component. See Logging section.
Optional sections that define procedural code, written in mrScriptBasic, for cleaning the case data, setting up weighting, and so on. See Event section.
Job section
InputDataSource section
OutputDataSource section
GlobalSQLVariables section
Metadata section
Logging section
Event section
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