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Formatting questionnaires
You can format the way that your online questionnaires appear, and test the results in UNICOM Intelligence Author. You can:
change the presentation of a question: see Changing the presentation of a question
use text substitution fields to insert references to question and response names: see Substituting text in a question
add HTML formatting to question and response text: see Changing the formatting of question and response text
attach image files to individual responses: see Attaching images to responses
apply a style template to the questionnaire: see Using style templates for questionnaires
apply style templates to individual questions, to override the questionnaire style: see Using question templates
change the formatting of question text: see Adding formatting to question and response text.
The formatting that you can apply in UNICOM Intelligence Author is suitable for online questionnaires. To format paper questionnaires, use UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper.
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