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Adding general conditional logic
You can add general conditional logic (beyond jumping to another question) to your questionnaires through the use of Condition blocks. Condition blocks consist of If, ElseIf, and Else items that allow you to specify conditions and actions to be taken if those conditions are met. Actions can include questions as well as routing items.
For example, you might have a condition that checks the gender of the respondent and asks one set of questions if the gender is female and another set if the gender is male. An If item could check the gender and ask the set of questions for female respondents and an Else item could ask the set of questions for male respondents.
Conditional logic samples
UNICOM Intelligence Author provides the following sample questions that demonstrate conditional logic.
Lifestyle Question: under Library > Questions > Demographics
Coffee Question: under Library > Questions > Ratings and Frequencies.
For more information, see Inserting questions from the library.
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