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Creating a condition block
When you create a condition block, an If item is automatically generated. You can manually add one or more ElseIf items and a single Else item as needed.
To add a condition block
1 In the Routings pane, select the item after which you want to add a condition block.
You can insert a condition block within an existing condition block by selecting an If, ElseIf, or Else item within the existing block.
2 Click Insert > Routing Item > Condition > IfBlock, or press Alt+I, R, O, I.
3 The item has an automatically generated name. You can change the name; this is useful if you add several condition blocks to your questionnaire.
Names must be unique, cannot be empty and can contain only letters, numbers and the characters _ @ $ # .
The first character must be a letter or _ (underscore).
Names cannot contain spaces.
To access the condition block item, select the icon for the item in the Routings pane.
4 (Optional.) In the Description field, type a description for the routing item. When printing draft paper surveys in UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper, this description is included. Descriptions are not included in the actual paper survey.
5 Specify the If item: see If item.
6 (Optional.) Add ElseIf items. See ElseIf item.
7 (Optional.) Add an Else item. See Else item.
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