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Creating a data package for deployment
UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer provides options for selecting data to be packaged (bundled) and manually deployed (transferred) to other operator computers. Other operators can then import the data bundles into their personal Interviewer Console Case Lists. From there, the operators can continue any unfinished entry, or prepare the data for cleaning and analysis.
To create a data package
1 On the Workflow menu, click Transfer > Create Package. The Create Deployment Package window displays.
For more information, see Create Deployment Package window.
2 Select the projects and data that you want to save, and then click OK.
3 Select the directory destination, the file name, and the file type that you want to use in the Save As window. Project files can only be saved as .dpz (Deployment Package) files. By default, Deployment Packages are saved to:
C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\My Surveys
where <username> is the name of the user currently logged into Windows.
4 Click Save.
Once the file is saved, you can deploy or transfer the data files to other operators, who can then import the files into their personal Project Lists.
For more information on methods for deploying projects to other operators, see Notes on local file deployment.
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