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Changing the active batch
Batching is a feature that can only be used with a Data Entry project, or the Data Entry portion of a multi-modal project.
When working with multiple batches, you can change your view from one active batch to another.
To view another batch, do one of the following:
Click Workflow > Select Batch, or press Alt+W, S, and then click another batch.
Click the arrow next to the Batch menu on the Interviewer Console toolbar, or press Alt+B. The Batch menu displays the project’s available batches. Click another batch.
Batch menus
The batch menus in the Workflow submenu and Batch menu display:
the first 9 batches created for the project. If the active project has 10 or more batches, a Show More option is provided. See Show more batches.
a Create New option. For more information, see Creating batches.
Show more batches
For projects that have more than 10 batches, the batch selection menus display the first 9 batches created for the project, and a Show More option. Click Show More to open a new Select Batch window.
The second Select Batch window lists all active project batches. Batches are in numerical, then alphabetical order.
To select a batch from second Select Batch window, double‑click its name.
To navigate to a specific batch, type the first character of its name.
Batching for data entry