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Sometimes you might want to annotate a questionnaire to add additional information for the benefit of the interviewers. For example, notes to explain why they are to ask a specific question or group of questions. You can use an annotated questionnaire as part of the project briefing you give to interviewers. However, you probably do not want to include this additional information in the printed questionnaire.
There are many ways in which you can add annotations to your document. You can add text between questionnaire items, add hidden text between items, insert comments, or add footnotes. If you add annotation text between items or footnotes, remove them before printing the final copy of the questionnaire for distribution. Similarly, if you add comments or hidden text, hide them by clearing the Hidden text and Comments check boxes in the Print options in Word before printing the final copy of the questionnaire.
Where to add annotations
Add annotations between questionnaire items. If you add them within a questionnaire item, you will lose the annotation when you change the Look that is applied to the item or when you update the document with a new version of the questionnaire definition.
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