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Mail lists
You can send the paper questionnaire to respondents whose names and addresses are in a mail merge file or database. If you want to include a cover letter with the paper questionnaire, you can create it as a separate document or as part of the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper document. You can use the mail merge functions to merge information from a mail merge data source with a UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper document. However, make sure you merge the document after you have completed all other formatting.
You can use mail merge fields to generate respondent IDs. For example, you can use the Word MergeRec field to insert the respondent's record number. Optionally, you can generate respondent IDs in the header or footer of the document to ensure that all of the pages are kept together for each respondent.
If you are using UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper/Scan Add-on, information such as respondents' names and addresses are not automatically included in the scanning unless that information is part of the questionnaire definition.
If you are planning to scan the completed questionnaires, it is important that the positions of the mark and character fields do not change. Merging the document changes the positions of these fields if information inserted into a merge field requires more or less space than the merge field itself. However, you can stop the mark and character fields from changing position by putting the mail merge fields within a box of a predefined size.
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